Percobaan Kedua

Setelah "Berbahagialah Hagai" saya coba terjemahkan dalam bahasa Inggris
dan saya sertakan dalam kontes puisi empat bulanan di,
sekarang saya mencoba menerjemahkan "Bibirku Cawan Anggurmu" untuk
saya sertakan dalam sebuah kontes bebas puisi berbahasa Inggris.

My Lips is Your Wine Grail

because you are so sweet.
too sweet.
more than all of words I’ve said,
more than all of tastes I’ve tasted.
like you’ve been harvested
from the finest farm,
along the side of fertile river,
and stocked until your golden age.

your color is interesting red.
who can resist to the shining sight?
which very glow on the lips of the grail,
bright and warm so obviously seen.
therefore my lips as a very thirsty thirst.
a joy that need to be fulfilled!

I am the faith. waiting to the all being poured,
throw away, and all continues deed, until the last drop
to carouse. but ones will remember it from the latest late,
an existing tinny mindful between all of madness,
that’s a joy that never last.

even on this time, you, my wine,
off from the grail of my lips,

slips from my faith’s grip.

Jakarta, August 30th 2009


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